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Working with the Milwaukee Public Museum, I helped illustrate various artifacts and scenes for their exhibit, Hidden Wisconsin.

(Link to Exhibit Here)

The exhibit was divided into four categories: Hidden in Plain Sight, Hidden Beneath, Hidden in History, and Hidden Forever.

This piece represented the category "Hidden in Plain Sight,' highlighting creatures or sounds that we can hear or see, but are not easily found in plain sight like a hidden fawn.
This piece represented a diver discovering the sunken ship Lady Elgin, which dramatically changed the population of Milwaukee after a schooner crashed into it.
Displayed in the "Hidden Forever" category, this piece sheds light on the Carolina Parakeet. Once a native bird to North America and found in large flocks, it has been hunted to extinction for it's feathers to make ladies' hats.
This piece depicts botanist Huron Smith in the field, a man who studied with local tribes in the 1920s to learn about the medicinal properties of local plants.
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